20 Pieces of Skincare Advice From Mothers

DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture

In honour of Mothering Sunday, we asked friends, colleagues, and of course, our own mothers for some skincare advice. With their wisdom we also put together a few DHC recommendations to help you put those pieces of advice to practice.

1. ‘Wear as little makeup as often as possible.’

True to the ‘less is more’ adage … can’t argue with that.

2. ‘Just like brushing your teeth or putting on pajamas, always wash off your make-up before bed.’

Solid advice. We personally look forward to reaching for our Deep Cleansing Oil bottle every night.

3. ‘Avoid eating too much junk food – your skin reflects what goes in your body.’

Easier said than done if you ask us! Crisps causing oily skin?! If only life were that simple.

4. ‘Drink lots of water and stay hydrated from the inside out.’

Another great way to keep your skin quenched is with a good toner.

5. [For oily skin] Go easy on the foundation to keep your pores from clogging. Let your skin breathe.’

Ideally yes, but you can also keep your skin shine-free with a lightweight primer like Velvet Skin Coat®

6. ‘Get enough sleep. Listen to your body and let it rest when it needs it.’

Take note: naps = good for your skin. And when you still didn’t get enough beauty sleep, there’s Eye Bright.

7. ‘When you sleep, try not to lay face down. Your pillow will dry out your face.’

You also wouldn’t want to wipe off your favourite night cream.

8. ‘Spend those few extra dollars on quality skincare products. The cheap option often turns out to be more costly in the end.’

We couldn’t agree more.

9. ‘Don’t over-exfoliate; and be gentle. Let the scrub do the work, not your hands.’

DHC offers a few exfoliants. For a no-scrub formula, try Renewing AHA Cream; and Facial Scrub for the traditional scrub.

10. ‘Apply moisturiser in an upward motion to help prevent wrinkles.’

This also applies to neck creams and serums.

11. ‘Splash cold water on your face – it’ll help keep your pores tight.’

And if that fails, try these.

12. ‘Wear mascara only on your top lashes for an easy no make-up make-up look.’

We have just thing for that - Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection.

13. ‘Get help from a professional to arch your eyebrows.’

This is sound advice – let’s be honest, good eyebrows can make all the difference.

14. ‘Always remember to wear SPF every single day. At least SPF 30!’

Prevention is the best way to deal with fine lines and wrinkles.

15. ‘Toner really helps keep your skin from feeling dry throughout the day. Make it a consistent step of your routine.’

We swear by toners. If you don’t already have one in your routine, try Mild Lotion. Its gentle formula is perfect for everyone.

16. ‘Don’t touch your face – the dirt and oil on your fingertips will get into your pores and cause breakouts.’

That must explain the blemishes that pop up in random spots.

17. ‘Use make-up to bring out your natural features. Make-up is meant to be flattering, but not overbearing.’

We love Face Color Palette EX for this reason – it gives just the right amount of radiance.

18. ‘Don’t use the same bar soap for your body on your face or your face will be really angry after!’

Bar soaps (formulated for your face!) are an excellent way to cleanse, especially if you like to keep your routine simple. Try one of ours that meets your complexion's needs.

19. ‘Rub any leftover moisturiser onto your neck in upward motions. Sometimes your neck needs more wrinkle care than your face.’

That’s exactly what we like to do with Olive Virgin Oil.

20. ‘Moisturise your whole body after you shower. Your body needs skincare just as much as your face.’

Olive Body Butter is great for softening up from the shoulders down. Plus, we love the subtle green apple and rose scent it leaves.