5-Star Fall Favorites Your Skincare Routine Needs

5-Star Fall Favorites Your Skincare Routine Needs

5-Star Fall Favorites Your Skincare Routine Needs

It’s that time of year again—DHC’s Friends & Family Sale! We’re talking 20% off EVERYTHING… this is not a drill, people! With so much great Japanese beauty to choose from, you’re probably wondering what’s a must for your shopping cart. As much as we’d love to suggest for you to snag everything (hey, we’re not stopping you!) we’ve put together a list of our highest-rated products so you can get the best of Japanese beauty. But don’t take our word for it—see what beauty lovers like you have said about these fan favorites.

1. Deep Cleansing Oil

Average 4.9 stars out of 1875 reviews 

What’s a top five list from DHC without Deep Cleansing Oil to top it? A worldwide favorite, one bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil sells every 10 seconds! With organic olive oil as its star ingredient, Deep Cleansing Oil has a rich texture that melts makeup, sunscreen, sebum and daily grime in 60 seconds. For an even deeper clean, don’t forget to Double Cleanse! 

“A dear friend of mine suggested this cleansing oil and I was skeptical but after trying it, I was amazed.” Dlytle, Oklahoma 

“My skin is sensitive and very dry, Deep Cleaning Oil is just what my skin needs to clean and moisturize. Best product on the market.” Skyk, North Georgia 

“This stuff WORKS. I wear full makeup every day, including heavy liquid eyeliner. One to one and a half pumps of this just melts makeup off my skin and washes off effortlessly. My skin feels clean, but not stripped or dry. A bottle lasts ages, and the clip on the pump prevents it from getting everywhere when I travel.” Emma, New Hampshire

 2. Olive Virgin Oil

Average 4.9 stars out of 468 reviews

Our very first product, Olive Virgin Oil continues to prove itself as a skincare essential. Made of one simple ingredient, organic olive oil, this luxurious facial moisturizer has Spanish roots refined by Japanese technology. Whenever you use Olive Virgin Oil, you’re using the highest grade of olive oil available on the market. Grab this ultra-nourishing facial oil and use it to keep your skin looking youthful and glowy. 

“I often use Olive Virgin Oil at night after cleansing with the Deep Cleansing Oil. A little product goes a long way, it absorbs well and it works well under my eyes and on my neck. I feel like I am pampering myself with this oil.” Tonka, Texas

“Can't go a day without my olive oil. I never break out with it. My face feels moisturized and it just feels good to be putting a good product on my aging face.” Bobrian, Maine

“Must have! I've been using this product for years now. It really softens my skin.” Donna, Florida 

3. Extra Nighttime Moisture

Average 4.8 stars out of 501 reviews

A total relief for dry skin and the cold months ahead, Extra Nighttime Moisture is a rich cream that uses olive oil, squalane and vitamin E to hydrate and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

“With cold weather, central heating and low humidity, despite 3 humidifiers, this product is a skin saver!” Helen, Massachusetts

"A must-have especially during the winter season! Fantastic moisturizer I just cannot go without overnight or all day. Feels really smooth and you don’t need to apply much. It lasts.” Dglass, Texas 

“Without my Extra Nighttime Moisture my skin quickly begins to look dry and lifeless under makeup. It keeps moisture in and my skin glows.” Dian, Georgia 

4. Lip Cream

Average 4.8 stars out of 182 reviews

Our Lip Cream has such a cult following around the world that one is sold every three seconds worldwide! Fun fact: DHC Japan has them in multiple flavors, like mint, honey and rosemary, as well as multiple shades. 

“My lips are chapped year-round. I have gone through many types and brands of chapstick and lip creams. Nothing beats this product! It goes on smooth with a subtle shine. It's thick enough to be nourishing and to last, but not to feel goopy. It is long-wearing without feeling waxy.” Jerri, North Carolina 

“This lip balm is the ONLY product that keeps my lips from chapping. And I have used many other products. I just apply each night before bed and only occasionally during the day. It works perfectly!” Sarah, California 

“This is the best lip cream I have come across. I use it all the time, all year round. Can’t beat it.” Alice, Scotland

5. Velvet Skin Coat

Average 4.9 stars out of 904 reviews 

If you love velvety soft skin that looks and feels smooth, you’ll love our Velvet Skin Coat. Infused with olive oil to keep your skin moisturized, Velvet Skin Coat works great as a mattifying foundation primer for a flawless look or just wear on its own!  

“Velvet Skin Coat is fabulous. It goes on smoothly and a little bit goes a long way. My foundation glides on over it without a hitch. On the days I do not wear foundation, I wear it alone and my complexion looks soft and flawless. Everyone needs this product in their arsenal.” Savannah, Ohio 

“I have unflattering shiny spots on my face but I do not like to wear makeup. Velvet skin coat gives my skin a matte look, which also makes my skin look more like porcelain. I love it.” Nan, Arizona

“I can't feel it, I can't see it. but magically any shine is gone, my pores are less noticeable as are some of my wrinkles. I appreciate that it is unscented and its really great for looking natural.” Terry, California

Posted 07-10-2019 by DHC
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