Gift Wrapping Season is Here: Let’s Talk Furoshiki

Gift Wrapping Season is Here: Let’s Talk Furoshiki

Gift Wrapping Season is Here: Let’s Talk Furoshiki

Raise your hand if you agree:


“Gift wrapping is just as much fun as gift shopping and gift giving.”




In Japan, the birthplace of DHC, this is especially true. Gifts are often treated as works of art. How you present a gift is really just as important as what it is. One of the most popular ways to dress up a gift in Japan is called furoshiki.


Instead of using paper, like we do here in the U.S., furoshiki is the art of wrapping with a beautiful piece of cloth.


Side note: Furoshiki is also used to transport other items, like your lunch, for example, although the invention of the plastic bag made furoshiki less common for this purpose. Some say furoshiki is experiencing a renaissance among the sustainably minded community. (We like the sound of that!)


For gifts, furoshiki is sort of like wrapping a gift with a gift, as the cloth can be reused however the receiver so chooses. You can use any type of fabric, including silk, cotton, rayon or nylon and choose any type of color or design. For tips on how to tie the perfect furoshiki knot on top, tap the video above.


Next time you’re perusing those pretty paper rolls, consider a scarf or a trip to the fabric store.

Posted 29-10-2020 by DHC
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