Hydration vs. Moisture? Why Double Moisturizing Is The Hack You Need For Ultra-Nourished Skin

Hydration vs. Moisture? Why Double Moisturizing Is The Hack You Need For Ultra-Nourished Skin

Hydration vs. Moisture?

Why Double Moisturizing Is The Hack You Need For Ultra-Nourished Skin

Whether you’re a skincare pro or someone who's just begun to explore the world of beauty, when it comes to determining what products are best for your skin type, it’s not unusual to have some questions along the way. Like most things, learning about your skin takes time. As you age and your complexion changes, your routine will require constant tweaking to suit your needs and keep you looking (and feeling!) fantastic. To begin building that perfect regimen, you’ll need to develop an understanding of skincare-related terminology. And today, we’re going to tackle two of the most frequently confused adjectives in all of skincare: hydrating and moisturizing.

Can a product be both hydrating and moisturizing? Most definitely. In fact, some of the very best are. However, these two words do in fact mean different things. While hydration and moisture often go hand in hand, skin that is lacking more of one than the other will benefit from certain products differently, so ensuring your routine contains both types of ingredients is key. The best way to understand this is to define each term clearly and then figure out which products in your arsenal cater to which skincare goal. Then, you can mix and match to ensure your routine will leave you both hydrated and moisturized. 



So, What’s The Difference?

Most people tend to understand hydration as being water-based, while moisture is more oil-based. When skin is hydrated, it looks plump and refreshed as opposed to tired and dull. On the other hand, when skin is moisturized, it feels soft and supple as opposed to dry and rough. Of course, many would agree that the ideal skin is both hydrated andmoisturized, which is why the two terms are so often grouped together, but nevertheless, different ingredients and formulas are required to achieve each goal. That said, it’s important to keep the differences in mind when selecting your skincare products.

To ensure a routine is as nourishing as possible, many Japanese beauty-lovers opt to double moisturize. You’ve most likely heard of double cleansing — using a cleansing oil followed by a foaming cleanser — and double moisturizing is a similar approach that requires two steps to get skin properly hydrated and moisturized. Of course, DHC has the perfect products to cover both aspects of this approach. 

Double Moisturizing With DHC

To properly double moisturize, begin by patting in a lotion or toner to hydrate skin, and then massaging in a moisturizer to seal in a deeper level of moisturization. DHC has a variety of ultra-hydrating lotion options to choose from, but the Soothing Lotion is a tried-and-true classic that can be especially pleasing for dry and sensitive skin types. The alcohol-free formula utilizes serine, an amino acid that attracts water, to help skin retain hydration, as well as soothing alcloxa and gentle yet effective exfoliant glycolic acid. The addition of glycolic acid means that this product helps refine skin texture as it hydrates and plumps —and if you think that sounds good, just imagine how great skin will look when you follow that up with a moisturizer!

During the day, our Rich Moisture is the perfect step to follow up your lotion or toner for an ultra-nourished finish. Even though this product is lightweight enough to wear during the day and even underneath makeup, it’s jam-packed with moisturizing ingredients, including organic olive oil, squalane and royal jelly extract. For a more intensive option to complete your double moisturizing routine at night, our Extra Nighttime Moisture features similar ingredients in a richer formula, so the skin's natural moisture barrier can really reap the benefits, and you can wake up with your softest skin ever.

If you've ever felt confused regarding hydration versus moisture, hopefully the above helps clear things up. Skincare can be confusing, but we're all after the same end goal of nourished, glowing, gorgeous skin.  Taking time to learn about techniques like double moisturizing can be essential to making your dream skin a reality. And really, what more could you ask for? 



 By Bella Gerard


Posted 21-08-2019 by DHC
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