Time-Tested Japanese Skincare Ritual

The heart of the Japanese Double Cleanse ritual combines a nourishing oil-based cleanser to melt away makeup and follows with a foaming cleanser to deeply clean and prepare skin for the rest of your regimen.

The Oil Cleanse

The magic of Double Cleansing begins as you gently massage the oil cleanser over your face with dry hands. Proving “like attracts like,” the oil-based cleanser binds with oil-based impurities in your pores, dissolving dirt, oil and makeup. When rinsed with water, your skin feels soft, clean and hydrated with no greasy residueIt’s a clean sweep in seconds, but the benefits continue on.



The Foaming Cleanse 

Go one step further to ensure everything (and we mean everything) is removed, like sweat and pollution, without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The water-based foaming cleanser creates lathering experience that not only thoroughly cleans, but also allows a few more seconds of “me time.”



Two Really Is Better Than One 

Double Cleansing goes deeper than the surface. It’s the ultimate act of self-care and self-love that also delivers remarkable results you can see and feel. It’s no wonder this centuries-old skin cleansing ritual has been embraced by new generations 


The Origins of Double Cleansing

Inspired By Geisha

For centuries, Japanese women desired flawless porcelain complexions, emulating the delicate beauty of Geisha known for their distinctive snow-white face makeup and bold red lips. To achieve this dramatic look, they commonly used oshiroi, a bright white powder made from rice often blended with powdered metals, oil and waxTo remove the makeup, Japanese women massaged emollient oils into their skinrinsed them away, and followed with a foaming cleanser. Thus, the Japanese tradition of Double Cleansing was born.